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internalism's Journal

Internalist Art
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The Internalism Manifesto:

"In this day and age, there are many different types and styles of art that are fueled by many different ideas. Postmodern art has been without a doubt the dominant force behind mainstream art for the last forty years. The philosophy behind Postmodernism suggests that all art falls beneath its title, and in our view this is simply not so. Internalism rejects postmodern thought. Internalism stands for art that is a reflection of the self and art that has carries no barriers to the freedom and expression of the self. Art should not be bound by thought, rules, subject matter, or style. True originality does exist. All art is created from the mind, and is therefore individualistic as each person differs from the next.
Internalism has been greatly influenced by the Stuckists. Their idea of the freedom from postmodern dominance is in accord with our philosophy. However, by limiting their views of art to figurative painting, we Internalists feel they run the risk of creating a severe barrier to the freedom and true expression of the self. Internalism also posses the influences of the Surrealist movement, yet is not constricted to the creation of things that are not bound by reality. Internalisim is bound by nothing but the self and the development of creative and original art from within."

If you're new to this community, welcome!

The Internalism community was formed to be a place where people who believe in artistic originality can come together and share ideas regarding art as well as a place to post their latest efforts and offer insights/give critiques on the works of others. Feel free to join in and contribute.

If you'd like to share a little about yourself, here are some questions that it would be great to hear your answers to:

1. How did you get your start in art?
2. Where do you draw your inspriation from?
3. What artists/styles/movements have influenced you the most?
4. Do you believe that true originality in art is possible in contemporary art?
5. What medium(s) do you work in and why?
6. What is your background/training in art?
7. What subject matter/style do you explore, and why?
8. Have you had exhibits, or are you currently showing work?
9. How do you stay motivated?
10. Why do you create art?

Feel free to add anything else you'd like to share, too!