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decider tour?

i have been trying to figure out how to:

1. find a way to finish the decider...because there are 40,000 holes and i have cut about 4000

2.find venues to tour the decider....because it is so relevant right now with what is happening..the war and people feeling they dont have a voice

so yesterday i got on craigslist somehow when i was searching for something unrelated to this and started looking at art communities...i saw they are looking for art in d.c. for a may peace march.

then i saw there are peace marches in illinois this month.

i though, maybe i can take the canvases to the marches and let people cut a hole or two if they want...that way, the whole country is involved in a way...it will look like many hands were on it instead of just mine.

so i contacted the chicago march and they have forwarded my email to someone who may help me...and also to an iraq war vet who has an exhibit on the iraq war at the vietnam war museum right now.
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