w_p_s (w_p_s) wrote in internalism,

I appear to be new

This community interests me because I believe in originality and I just need a place to show off my art, lawl.

I could draw before I could talk.
I get inspired by allot of things. Violent, disturbing, confusing or wierd.

Everything can be my medium

I like Goya allot, and millions of others.

I explore.. what others wouldn't explore.

Human nature, anger, wierd obsessions, blowing things out of proportion and contradicting things. A tour through a wonderful world full of confusion, bizarrity, agression, yet some hidden common sence.

I sometimes try to make good looking things with hated media, like webcams and mspaint.
Just to show people how worthless the media you use is compared to talent and originality.

I stay motivated thanks to myself, and my vision of the world.

I like to show people things from diffirent points.

I like to pleasure people with confusion.

And yeah, I guess that's it.

Oh, by the way.
My name is Waldemar Schuur, I'm 17 years old and I live in the Netherlands.

And I hope this is the right place for me.. we'll see.
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