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i got in

i got a phone call today from art institute of boston that i was accepted to the mfa program.

i go to the first intensive in june. i have to get a listing of mentors. they prefer i commute to chicago 4 times a semester to speak with a mentor there, rather than someone from this area?

so i have emailed a teacher from the art institute that i had some critic from in ireland and she remembers me and said she would like to if we can work it out. i asked a teacher i had from here in my bfa program and another teacher who is parttime at the art institute chicago and lives in peoria (i havent heard from him yet).

so i will see who they decide should teach me...

im excited, but it is really expensive there... hotels are outrageous. im looking for a short term rented apartment or hoping someone else coming will want to share an apartment with me.

and hopefully my new part time job will cooperate with giving me time off.
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