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i cannot calm down, i feel like im am going to implode

i got a call today from a think tank in d.c. and they want my decider casualties piece for there event marking the end of four years of war......the event is monday...i have to cut 3000 holes by tomorrow and send to be there by friday...then i think we are going to drive there on saturday.

they also may want me to speak and said the will some really amazing people there speaking as well...it is monday...im so excited, i cant calm down. im going to have to get in the tub.

and...i just got an email...there is an event at the capitol in springfield with and exhibit that may want my work...it is on friday nite and they said if i could also come to the march on saturday with my work i need help cutting on.

it is great but i just went from 0 to 60 in 5 seconds and i cant catch up yet.

i was so disappointed i wasnt getting any response and then bam!

so it is going to be very busy for the rest of this week and maybe after that.

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