w_p_s (w_p_s) wrote in internalism,

I appear to be new

This community interests me because I believe in originality and I just need a place to show off my art, lawl.

I could draw before I could talk.
I get inspired by allot of things. Violent, disturbing, confusing or wierd.

Everything can be my medium

I like Goya allot, and millions of others.

I explore.. what others wouldn't explore.

Human nature, anger, wierd obsessions, blowing things out of proportion and contradicting things. A tour through a wonderful world full of confusion, bizarrity, agression, yet some hidden common sence.

I sometimes try to make good looking things with hated media, like webcams and mspaint.
Just to show people how worthless the media you use is compared to talent and originality.

I stay motivated thanks to myself, and my vision of the world.

I like to show people things from diffirent points.

I like to pleasure people with confusion.

And yeah, I guess that's it.

Oh, by the way.
My name is Waldemar Schuur, I'm 17 years old and I live in the Netherlands.

And I hope this is the right place for me.. we'll see.
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Fucking brilliant animation! Love the missiles.

I dig what you explore ;)
Thank you kindly
your work is very fun and dynamic - I especially love the energy of the first piece, great energy and texture!
"Just to show people how worthless the media you use is compared to talent and originality." -- Exactly. Obviously I wasn't able to say it that well myself.


I like the Jeff Goldblum one a lot. I can't quite put into words why, but it's psychological, with many dimensions, refractions of thoughts of being and self, and Goldblum's eye popping look of shock is a perfect application to this psychological maelstrom... I can't think of a better look to use with what you did with it.

I like the one you made out of a mouse too! And I liked the video. How did you animate that? Was that an invisible pink unicorn that got blown up in the end?
Oh, now I see the fly. The Fly, with Jeff Goldblum...

That's embarrassing. (sigh), well I liked my first interpretation better. ;-)
lol, yes, it's the fly.

Thanks anyways.
And I animated the video with Flash MX, and the unicorn isn't invisible.
He just gets killed because it's the last unicorn but that's hard to read on the signs. You can see it a bit better in the original Flash file though.
I stopped it and kind of made that out on the sign, but still wondered if this was a reference to the invisible pink unicorn... I guess not then.
good illustrations...dont feel left out with they things you express...most artists through the ages have expressed the things you stated...just in their own individual ways.
keep on.
where are you from in the netherlands? i have a good friend from there.
Goor, it's somewhere in Overijssel
he is from a small place outside of amsterdam and i dont know the name...so i probably shouldnt have asked! o well