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d.c. was good. my flag was on the stage with a light behind it. so all the speakers and poets had it behind them when they talked...it will be in alot of pics.

cnn news was outside interviewing people all night...but i havent watched so i dont know if they ran anything.
it was an intense night.

speakers...the head of ips(institute of policy studies), andy shallal(owner of the venue, an artist and iraqi immigrant), iraq war vets, and more...code pink and lots of groups, you could hardly moved, it was so packed all night. standing room only.

poets...really intense...included the vets poetry. tough because it confirmed the things i am worried about my son seeing and seeing them and how they were effected, confirmed how i am worried my son will be effected...but it is good to know there is support and outlets for what he will be feeling...when he is home...

code pink may call me to commission a piece.

there are aritst i met i would like to work with..collaborate, but i am in stupid central illinois so that may not work out.

it was a good show, a great night and a long drive.

this pic is dark....it was during the poetry dissent

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